When you need to construct a pad for your drilling rig and a road to access that pad, we are the SOLUTION to your need. With experienced and trained staff we can take your blueprints and compile you with an estimate within 24-48 hours

Our mobilization can be effectuated within 7-10 days depending on equipment availability and logistics involved in moving that equipment. All of our projects will have an experienced and capable Project Manager on site for the day to day operation. Additional staff such as architects and engineers will be hired when the project warrants this level of expertise.

Water Hauling

We provide water hauling services from your well site to a pipeline, rail car or storage facility at your direction. We haul water and aggregate. Our tankers are ALL 200 Barrel minimum with most trailers in our fleet at 230-250 Barrel capacity. Side dumps, belly dumps, tri-axles, and quad-axle trucks are ready to haul aggregates consisting of gravel, sand, rock and scoria for pad construction or road construction. Because efficient logistics is important, all of our trucks are equipped with GPS/ Fleet Management Systems so we can assure that our trucks are at hauling capacity.

Transportation Division Services

  • Water Transport
  • Water Transfer
  • Crude Transport
  • Aggregate Transport
  • Hot Shot Transport
  • Rig Move Service

Oilfield & Environmental Services

  • Production and Completion Services
  • 24 Hr Flowback Testing and Services
  • Roustabouts
  • Pipe Supplies
  • Flow Testing
  • Solid Oilfield Waste Disposal Services
  • Mobile Welding and Steam Wash Services
  • NGL Recovery and Hydrocarbon Emissions
  • 24 Hr Pumper and Hydrovac Services
  • Soil Remediation
  • Soil Stabilization

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